Ghost Train Orchestra returns to Barbes

16th July 2011

Last night we returned to our old favorite Barbes in Brooklyn for a live performance with (finally!) our new album Hothouse Stomp in tow with Marty Ehrlich sitting in on clarinet. In the second set we played all new arrangements of the late 1930's adventures of Raymond Scott, John Kirby, and Alec Wilder with Michael Bates sitting in on upright bass. Above you can see how we manage to squeeze in there. Mazz and I were laughing that one of the advantages of being on the far side at Barbes is we get our own personal drink's the little things in life. Great blog post and pictures from Rob Hill here.


GTO featured on NPR's All Things Considered

10th July 2011

Today the Ghost Train Orchestra was featured on NPR's All Things Considered. Patrick Jarenwattanan spoke to host Guy Raz about jazz tribute albums. You can hear the segment on NPR's jazz blog and hear a preview of our album Hothouse Stomp.


NPR picks best jazz albums of 2011 (so far)

1st July 2011

Patrick Jarenwattananon solicits inputs from readers and gives his own selections on the best jazz from 2011 so far. Our album Hothouse Stomp is mentioned and previewed. You can read the whole article here.


"Powerhouse Stomp" at Highline Ballroom June 29

27th June 2011

We'll be performing at a fun event called "Powerhouse Stomp" at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan on Wednesday June 29 presented in conjunction with Dances of Vice and the Blue Note Jazz Festival. On this show, a tribute to classic cartoons, we'll be performing the music of Carl Stalling (composer most famous for his work for Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoons), Sammy Timberg (the composer for the Fleischer Brothers cartoons such as Popeye and Betty Boop), and Raymond Scott (who wrote not a note for cartoons but whose music was adapted for cartoons by Carl Stalling.) Here's a fantastic medley of Stalling's many variations of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" in the Looney Tunes cartoons assembled by Jeff Winner and Irwin Chusid. My personal favorites are "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century" (at 0:32) and "Early to Bet" (at 1:55).